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An Essay on Death
An Essay on Death
Paper writing is some kind of mental and emotional exorcism. Opening one's heart in prose or in verse people start to feel free, ready to get rid of the things that worry them. In this essay the concept of death is revealed from my personal view.

Death is something that doesn't care whether we want to see it or not.And the first thing we usually feel is surprise because everyone is always sure that the tragedy will go by without touching him. Ignorance is a lucky ticket. Picking it we drop our vision in exchange for not knowing, not noticing and thus achieving the false sense of safety.

People become willingly blind and are satisfied with it. But don't they feel bored in their life? Don't they feel sorry for not living the life to the fullest if they get chained to bed, which was impossible to happen, which was said only in the news, which is somewhere in the other universe and is only the source of jokes for those who have grim humor?

Instead of tossing around in this life what one need to do is to simply open his eyes. The things to see are not all fascinating, a lot of them are what we chose to ignore because the image is ugly. But if we can't feel pain can we actually feel happiness? And if we can't feel other's happiness can we truly feel our own?

The moments people feel the most healthy are after they get cured from the serious disease. To be alive means to see, to see means to have vision except just closed eyes, and having vision means learning to recollect the painful memories on February nights and realizing they are bittersweet.

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