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Cerebral cortex
Cerebral cortex
Higher functions of the nervous system - the capacity for intellectual activity, awareness of the signals from the environment, to abstract thinking and remembering - is largely associated with the activity of the cerebral cortex.

Initiation of neural networks of the cortex makes understanding the personality of their relationship with the environment. This part of the human body is a structural basis of consciousness and intelligence. There are about 14 billion neurons in the cerebral cortex, most of which (approximately 90%) form the neocortex - the highest integrative department somatic nervous system. Neocortex is responsible for processing and interpretation of sensitive information (auditory, gustatory, somatic sensory and visual), as well as for the management of complex muscular movements.

The second important part of the cerebral cortex - is paleocortex. In contrast to the neocortex, the part of this cortex has more simple structure. The processes taking place in paleocortex are not always reflected in consciousness. The cerebral cortex is associated with low-lying parts of the brain (basal nuclei, thalamus, midbrain and the bridge), large bundles of fibers forming the internal capsule. These broad strata of the white matter contains millions of nerve fibers, some of which (the axons of neurons of the thalamus) are used for transmission of nerve signals to the cortex, and part (the axons of cortical neurons) - from crust to the underlying nerve centers.

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