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Property Crimes
Property Crimes
Property crime is a category of crime that includes larceny, burglary and arson, which are considered to be non-violent felonies.The offenders acting with their free will and rational thought must be responsible for the crime they have committed. However, there are cases when people are not in charge of what they are doing. Let's analyze all these felonies and find out what the offenders are guided by when they perform criminal actions.

As a rule, vehicle thefts and burglaries are committed intentionally by professionals; besides they are very well thought-out. Unlike drug addicts who steal only to feed their habit, most of the professional burglars never break into the house at night because people usually come home for nights, and being caught by the owner is the worst thing that can happen to them.

As for the car thefts a motor vehicle is stolen every 26.4 seconds in the United States according to the FBI's reports, but only 12% of carjackings are cleared by arrests.

Shoplifter's actions are often rash, hasty and impulsive, without any consideration of what particular thing they want to steal. They usually forget about alarm system and room surveillance cameras at the risk of being caught.

A frequent motive for arson is insurance fraud or in business areas in order to get rid of the competition. But half of all arson fires is set by children under the age of 18 (FBI). They start fires either of their curiosity or thirst for experimentation.

Having analyzed all these non-violent felonies the conclusion is that the most of them are committed with awareness of a person's choice to perform a crime. In order to prevent future crimes we should have enough information about different kinds of crime. Professional paper writers with legal attainments and practical experience will compose custom reports that will disclose all the aspects of the problem.