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Tips on Essay Writing
Tips on Essay Writing
Essay writing is a dreaded assignment for many students and most of them look out for useful tips on essay writing, whenever they face a particular essay project. It is also normal that a lot of people come forward to give advice on how to go about handling an essay writing project. But it is necessary to know which ones to take and which ones to discard as many of the tips you get would be misleading and sometimes, completely wrong. The only way out of getting misled is to ensure that the advice you take is from knowledgeable people.

There are various stages in essay writing, depending on the type of essay you are dealing with. Hence, only you can decide which of the tips you get can be benefited from, for a particular project. Following are certain tips on essay writing, which you might be able to use for your project.

• Essays usually come with certain prompts to choose from. Understanding the prompts is extremely important because that would be the base of evaluation of your essay submission. There is also the fact that unless you get the prompts right, you will not be able to pick the best one for you. If you misunderstand the idea of the prompt you choose, your essay can even get disqualified.

• Essays are slightly different from other academic assignments like research papers as it is usually meant to evaluate the students’ understanding of the covered portions. Usual essay projects do not require the students to choose topics outside the covered subject area. You will, mostly, be given a list of options of the topics to choose from or you would be asked to write on any topic which comes within a particular part of your syllabus. Unlike research papers, you will need to do only a limited amount of research for essay assignments. In certain cases you will only need to study a particular portion of your text book for the purpose.

• Essays also need a central point which can be called the thesis of the essay. Your essay would aim at justifying the thesis you have stated. You can use as many sources as is mentioned in your essay guidelines but study your guidelines clearly to ascertain whether the text book is to be counted as one source or the number of sources mentioned is exclusive of the text book.

• While taking tips on essay writing, make sure that the ones you choose to follow are applicable to the specific assignment you are handling. There are many types of essays and each one differs in its nature and objectives. Therefore the hints which are helpful for one type of essay might prove harmful to another.

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