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Writing an essay may tackle different goals of building a composition. You can argue, classify, provide logical reasoning, narrate and persuade. But for a college essay, it can sometimes be a demanding task to think of such goals especially if you are going to write a highly developed article. So what are the characteristics of college essays that separate them from ordinary essays?

College essays may be considered to be some research proposal samples. Actually, it is not only a matter of identifying the goal of the writer but also keeping up with the instructions on how a college article should be written. If you have heard of the words dissertation and thesis before, then those are also considered college essays only that they have a more structured format of writing.

One aspect of college essays is that they are more difficult to write. Since you will be doing a research activity, a term paper format sample may now be needed for you to fully understand how writing a college article is done. You will need to integrate Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Data and then the Conclusion.

The thesis statements of college essays are also very technical. Since you will be studying your course at a definite amount of time, you need to concentrate mainly on the kind of learning path that you will take. Therefore, your thesis statement is highly specialized based on your course.

Lastly, college essays need to follow the citation formats usually used in college writing. The APA, MLA and Harvard citation schemes are widely used by college students. So even if you are simply going to write a comparative essay or a persuasive article, these formats should be utilized.

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