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Write my the West Egg paper
Write my the West Egg paper
The novel "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald described social life of America and stressed on burning issues of the post war time. Even today the novel stays interesting and appealing for many readers. The West Egg is a setting that has great value for the novel.The author describes time, when Midwest America started its growth and development.

"New money" is the main feature of the West Egg. This setting is introduced for those people, who became rich in a result of the economical boom. The difference between The West Egg and the East Egg is enormous. According to Fitzgerald the only common thing for them is shape and size. Their population has different social background and education. Finally, the West Egg is regarded as a less fashionable region. Even being wealthy, people of the West Egg still do not fit into the frames of the East Egg's life, which has different social standards. West Eggers do not have appropriate social status and background for walking up social stairs.

In the West Egg readers find Gatsby and Nick, who cannot afford living in better region of the city. Jay Gatsby is the main hero of the novel and he impersonates all the features of his social class. He is a wealthy person, who belongs to the class of new-rich people. He owns yellow Rolls-Royce and throws parties all the time. He is an example of tasteless person, who wears pink costumes that look stylish and appropriate only in his surroundings, but not in the upper world of the East Egg.

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