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English Coursework- The “Lingua Franca” of Coursework!
English Coursework- The “Lingua Franca” of Coursework!
Any coursework refers to the work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study and an English Coursework is no exception. It is amazing to realize what one can do with a language that has not more that 26 alphabets! English is the most widely spoken language in the world and for the same reason is considered the international language. Perhaps, English is the only language that can be found simple, complex, amusing and funny, all at the same time! For instance the word “live” is pronounced two ways, one way in which it is a verb and means “to survive” and the other way in which it refers to the transmission of a program or an incident through the media right when it is happening. The English language consists of such words that may seem confusing, but all the more amusing.

The English language is considered so important that it is included as a language to be learnt compulsorily in every educational institution. People learn English right from when they go to school and go on even to pursue a degree in that. What starts as a compulsory little thing for some people turns out to be their very life. It is when they learn English as a subject that people are required to write a coursework. Such a coursework is valued and constitutes almost 20% of the total marks that a person obtains. The following focuses on how to write an English Coursework.

The first rule, as in any other work is “Do not postpone!” This rule may sound stereotypical but it is essential for every work that is assigned to us. It is not very wise to keep everything for the last minute. The eleventh hour doer cannot expect to actually do anything.

It is important to take your time while working on a coursework. Prepare a “Things to do” list – a kind of synopsis of what is to be done to complete the coursework.

Understand the title of the essay paper. You can provide examples and similar instances but care should be taken not to waver from the topic. Stick to the subject.

One should be careful about the grammatical and spelling errors. Trivial spelling errors and other mistakes would not make much of an impression on the person who is evaluating your work.

Do not copy from other sources. You can quote somebody or use other sources in your coursework, but you should ensure that due credit is given to the authors. Otherwise your work will account for plagiarism and that would be the last thing you ever wanted because plagiarism is a crime.

There are not many rules, as such, to follow while writing an English Coursework, as the usage of language of differs with every individual. The way one handles the language fetches one credit. The more creative and different your work is from others, the more the points you will be awarded. You should keep your words simple and easy to understand. There must also be a flow in what you write. Also ensure that your work does not have redundancy, i.e. ensure that you do not repeat the same points in your coursework.

An effective introduction and conclusion is necessary for any research paper, this is also a key point in the essay structure with respect to essay writing. The introduction must introduce the topic. The reader comes to know of the contents of the coursework by reading the introduction.

The body of the coursework should contain the core contents and the conclusion has a summary of the key points of the coursework.

The Reference page must contain details of all the sources that were consulted for writing this coursework.

As stated earlier, there are no set rules to write an English Coursework. If there is something that can help you create your own identity, it is only your creativity and experience with English. Moreover english is also the base of writing other coursework like the psychology coursework, physics coursework, law coursework etc.

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