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Chemistry Coursework- The “Acid Test” For Genius!
Chemistry Coursework- The “Acid Test” For Genius!
A chemistry coursework is a coursework submitted by a student on the subject of chemistry. Like any other coursework it is submitted for assessment apart from the written examinations. A student of chemistry either in a graduate level or post graduate level and even a PhD level can be asked to do a coursework on the subject and the assessment marks allotted will vary accordingly. The marks allotted for the coursework is more when it comes to a higher degree where research and assignments of this nature are given priority over theory.

What should it contain?

A content of a chemistry coursework varies according to the topics chosen by the students, topics. The depth into particular topic also varies according to the level of students who are assigned to the work. Coursework is assigned to school students also, though the level is not advanced. The topics are also kept simple and are not usually research oriented. They are however expected to present the document in a professional format. The topics for the college and university level are mostly centered on some experiments or research carried out by students, often in groups. The analysis part is the most important for the research and experiment oriented topics. The student has to specify the topic and in detail all the procedures one by one in steps and the result of the analysis. Chemistry is a subject where the students are expected to record every aspect of the experiment in a sequential order.

For example in a test for salt identification the student is expected to record firstly, the appearance of the salt i.e. everything from the smell, color, texture and even the state like a salt solution or simply the raw salt.

The next step is to perform the various tests to identify the acid radical and the basic radical. The student also has to note the reactions to each of the tests performed and should make a special mention of the test which helped the student identify the acid and basic radicals.

The final step is the confirmatory tests for the acid and basic radicals; this should also be stated in a sequential order and in the end should provide a precise and comprehensive proof for the salt identification.

A simple procedure such as this required such a detailed chronological description as every topic in chemistry and also other sciences. From this we can anticipate the depth and size of a coursework submitted by the students in the college and university levels. They are much more detailed and obviously therefore also a lengthy document.

Tips to write a good chemistry coursework

It is important to present a good coursework as it is a reflection of the student’s intelligence and passion for the subject. Therefore the student should give the coursework considerable significance as it adds up to his overall grades. Firstly, the content of of the coursework should be well thought out, like the essay plan for essays.

• The content should be kept completely formal and factual similar to the demands of a psychology coursework and a physics coursework. Priority should be given to the facts and not much to the writing style.

• The student should state everything in a sequential order in steps.

• The introduction should talk about the respective theory or concept and the conclusion should sum up the procedures. In short the introduction and conclusion should be related and in a way should also reflect the writer’s thoughts like in a reflective essay.

• Care should be taken to establish the significance of a theory and it uses in the end of the chemistry coursework.

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