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Physics Coursework- the “Barometer” Of a Science Student!
Physics Coursework- the “Barometer” Of a Science Student!
A physics coursework like any other coursework is a document submitted by a student for assessment apart from the regular examinations. It contributes to the overall grades of the student; however this type of a coursework is a little different given that it cannot be written by just anybody! The person has to be a student of the subject as this type of a coursework is almost entirely written on the basis of an experiment or research conducted by them.

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What should it contain?

The content of the coursework varies according to topics. The student may write a coursework on an experiment, finding or theory of a renowned physicist or may even write about his own personal findings. It is important to keep in mind that the content is to be given the most priority and not the writing style. It is mandatory for it to contain facts even if the physics coursework is based on a theory as even theories in physics are almost never baseless!

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If such a coursework is done as a team, the leader of the team should take his group through the various steps mentioned below. One can refer to the leadership essay to get a clear picture about a group and a leader and so on. The student should keep in mind the following points when writing a coursework of this kind.

• The content should be written in a technical style. Physics is a science and it is important to maintain the standard of the subject throughout the coursework. Superfluous words and sentences should be avoided so as not to deviate the reader’s attention from the premise of the document.

• It should have a factual and scientific approach to the concerned topic. The content has to be in coherence with the topic at all stages. In case of a coursework submitted on personal research or experiments, the idea or inspiration which forms the basis for the work should be stated.

• Diagrams and illustrations enhance the readability of a physics coursework. This helps in making the work more comprehensive and also captures the attention of the readers. For example, a description of an instrument or apparatus like the ammeter is better comprehended with an illustration of the device with the components labeled.

• A descriptive style of writing should be adopted when it comes to explaining the function and working of a device. One can refer to a descriptive essay to get a clear picture on what this style of writing is. Explanation should be elaborate and vivid to the extent that the reader can visualize the device in motion.

• Care should be taken to make a special mention of the relevant formulae or theories that were used in the coursework; this is a very significant point to be considered when writing as marks are separately allocated for the formulae and references used.

• The student should keep in mind that the work is submitted to a professional well qualified in the field and therefore should maintain a professional standard throughout the document.

There are myriad topics on which physics coursework can be written. The depth of content depends on the academic level of the students who presented them. More marks are allocated for coursework written by PhD and Post Graduate levels, as it is almost treated as an official research paper. In short coursework can be treated as a dissertation when it is based on research findings.

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