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Paper on Things Fall Apart by Achebe Chinua
Paper on Things Fall Apart by Achebe Chinua
"Things Fall Apart" is a controversial novel, arousing many discussions and interpretations. Starting from the beginning and till the last page we find numerous examples of binary oppositions. The weakness and strength, fear and courage, gentleness and harshness, the living and the dead, African tribes and European society, Christianity and heathen religion, tradition and change, destiny and one's own choice, family and community, loneliness and friendship are just a few examples that Achebe focuses upon in his novel.

Father-son relationships are viewed from different angles throughout the novel. Okonkwo strives not to be like his idle and soft-hearted father, and his son Nwoye doesn't meet Okonkwo's expectations such as bravery and ruthlessness. There's no emotional connection between fathers and sons in Okonkwo's family, just a strong desire to be different. The relationships are always tense and sometimes provoke conflicts within the household. The conflicts mostly arise from different worldviews and system of values, as every next generation differs from the previous one, and that's the point of development of the whole humankind.

"Things Fall Apart" is an outstanding novel about African colonization. It is worth of being praised as well as criticized, and certainly it cannot leave a person indifferent. The captivating story about a fearless wrestler and worrier is flavored with native customs and traditions of African tribes. Achebe amply demonstrates the complexity of human personality as well the clash of two different cultures, worldviews and religions that coexist on the same territory.

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