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Should we legalize Marijuana?
Should we legalize Marijuana?

Should we legalize Marijuana?
The problem of marijuana legalization has been rather controversial for several decades already. In reality this is difficult to make one-sided judgments and conclusions about this plant, which on the one hand can be widely used in medicine and doesn’t belong to hard drugs, and on the other hand still is able to cause addiction and problems for youngsters. Further we are going to stop at the major arguments and approaches, proving that marijuana should be legal, but under sufficient control.
Starting from the philosophical point of view, it is necessary to admit, that all people have nowadays freedom of choice and the laws of the government serve to limit this freedom only in the concrete cases, when individuals are likely to do harm to others. As long as marijuana is officially considered to be a lighter drug than even tobacco or alcohol, supporters of marijuana legalization state, that there should be no legal restriction of its use.
The second argument, which is most often used for legalization of marijuana is the fact, that prohibition as the only means of control, can bring poor results. There are even theories, supposing, that prohibition can only worsen the situation and cause more problems. Besides, prohibition nowadays doesn’t make this drug unavailable. Thus there is a need for better educational and theoretical practices for young people, to make them aware of the drugs problem.
The last and probably the most important argument for marijuana legalization lies in its medical qualities. Historically there were no cases noted, when somebody died because of overdose of this drug, but the field of therapeutic application of this plant is sufficiently large. The most important abilities of marijuana include relief from nausea and increase of appetite, reduction of spasms in muscles, relief from chronic pains and reduction of intraocular pressure.
Overall, the issues, related to legalization or legal prohibition of marijuana are rather sophisticated and certainly need thorough research and many-sided approach.