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Choosing the Appropriate Dissertation Methodology
Choosing the Appropriate Dissertation Methodology
The success of a dissertation is dependent on various factors. Since a dissertation process involves so much time and effort, you must see to it that your efforts clearly reflect through your document. For that you must be able to provide the audience with a satisfactory theory and prove it beyond doubt. A good theory will not be of any use if you fail to prove it. The outcome of your research is what determines the value of your dissertation. And the dissertation methodology you choose is one of the aspects which would influence the outcome of your research.

The methodologies for research are mainly classified into two – the quantitative and qualitative methods. You will be choosing either one of these or, in the case of certain dissertations, both methodologies to be used at different stages. To determine the appropriate dissertation methodology for you, there are various aspects to be considered.

• The Guidelines: The assignment guidelines, most certainly, would form the most important criteria for choosing the methodology. Hence, study the guidelines and look for a direct or indirect mention of the methodology. Certain dissertation guidelines will have specific methodology requirements to suit the assignment objectives. If there are any instructions in the guidelines regarding the methodology, you must adhere to it fully even if it isn’t your preferred method.

• The objective of the dissertation: If the methodology is not a part of your guidelines, then you will have complete liberty to choose either one of the two types. The objective of the assignment would become one of your important tools for determining the methodology. The different types of methodologies might give you similar results but the focus of presentation will differ, thus affecting the objective. Hence, you must choose a methodology which suits your assignment objective.

• The deadline: The time required for conducting research using the various methodologies differ a lot. Qualitative research is more time consuming than quantitative research due to the need of direct interaction with the subjects. Hence if you are dealing with a tight deadline, you will have to stick to quantitative research as the other method will take a long time.

• The personal preferences: If you are someone who prefers first-hand information from your sources, qualitative dissertation methodology would suit you better. But you are no comfortable with interacting with people or I you have a problem dealing with strangers it is better that you stay off qualitative method. You will not only need to interact with strangers but interact confidently while doing qualitative research.

• Subject area: You must study the subject requirements also while choosing your dissertation methodology. Researches in certain subjects like sociology and psychology require qualitative research methods at least during one phase of their research.

Only through an accurate evaluation of the assignment requirements, you would be able to choose the appropriate dissertation methodology. You must also check out samples of dissertations done using both methods in order to get a better understanding of the methods. If you wish to get a custom dissertation done as per your preferences, our professional academic writers will be glad to assist you.

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