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What to Know about Dissertation Methodologies
What to Know about Dissertation Methodologies
The methodology you choose for your dissertation influences the outcome of your research to a big extent. Hence you must take all the related aspects into consideration before choosing the methodology for your dissertation. Having a good understanding of the dissertation methodologies used for the various types of research is necessary to be able to choose the appropriate one for your dissertation. Knowing the criteria for choosing a methodology is also important.

The dissertation methodologies can be divided mainly into two – quantitative research and qualitative research. Quantitative research is based on figures and graphs where as qualitative research is based on data gathered from direct interaction with the subjects and research paper sources. There are also assignments which require the use of both the methodologies at different stages of the research. There are various factors which must be considered before determining the appropriate method of going about your research.

As in the case of all aspects related to dissertation writing, the first thing to be checked while choosing the methodology is the guidelines. Certain guidelines will specify the dissertation methodology to suit its objective. In such cases, you are not left with any option but to follow the suggested methodology. But if there are no instructions regarding the same, in your dissertation guidelines, you will need to choose one according to your judgment.

The main factor to be considered is your dissertation topic. If you are dealing with a controversial topic, you will most certainly need to use qualitative methodology as you will need to interact directly with people to find out the root of their view of the controversy. Certain subjects also require qualitative methods for all their researches. The best example for such a subject would be sociology. As it is a study of society, none of the researches can be done without direct interaction with humans.

Quantitative dissertation methodology is mostly used in science subjects and sometimes in arts subjects also to neatly organize the paper. Quantitative research has a better layout to present hence it suits science subjects very well. Whether it is a science subject or an arts subject, it is the objective of the assignment which should be used to determine the suitable methodology for your research.

There are various methods which come under each of these two main methodologies of research. Qualitative research methods include interviews, surveys, group discussions and all other direct data collection techniques. Quantitative research methods also include different types of methods for collecting, organizing and presenting the matter. The right one can be determined only with due consideration to the subject area, the topic and the objective of the research.

It is absolutely necessary to choose the most appropriate dissertation methodology for your research, as a poor choice will not only delay you but will also not give the desired results. If you need any kind of dissertation writing help, our writers will be glad to help you. You may take a look at the samples on our website to get an idea of the process of preparing a dissertation.

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