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DissertationThe dissertation is a comprehensive document which begins as a dissertation proposal, submitted for approval to the committee that, once approved, the academic uses to proceed with conducting the research as detailed in the proposal. Writing dissertation is a hard task even for advanced people, teachers and scientists. Except general information that will totally show the meaning of the topic, scientific meaning of your work, those events and innovations you have to make during work on the dissertation and describe them and absolutely correct formation of work, dissertation should be unique and based only on the valid truthful facts. Usually work on dissertation lasts for few years, but in some cases it can take 7- 10 years.
Dissertation is a serious and time-consuming project. It will take a lot of forces and nerves to be done, but it is the only way to increase your degree in science.
Before starting work on the dissertation, look through the stages you will have to pass - preparing the dissertation proposal, coming up with dissertation topics, gathering and collecting data, analysing the collected data, writing the final dissertation, following the dissertation structure.
Of course you will have a tutor, who will be able to give you advise or help, but will not make the goal closer. Dissertation may have any topic you like and tough each area of knowledge. As a rule dissertation has few topics, but they are all connected with each other logically.
Although in the Internet have uncountable amount of information, but dissertation may include only 30% of adopted information and the rest 70% you have to make out yourself.
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