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Business Essays- How To Write a Professional Business Essay?
Business Essays- How To Write a Professional Business Essay?
Writing professional and convincing business essays is very important for any business. Writing an essay for marketing, finance, management or any other business topic requires people who are well-acquainted with the particular field. The essays should be well structured and convince the person who’s reading it.

The following are the important points that have to be considered

• The contents of such an essay should be supported with proper and qualified references and facts.

• Analyze the subject of the essay. Plan your writing before starting the essay and prepare an outline for it.

• Use appropriate language, for the subject. Be clear and accurate.

•Be to the point. Don’t go beyond the topic. Highlight the keywords in the essay.

• Prepare a rough draft for the essay, check for errors, edit it and then prepare the final draft.

Writing your business essay

•Introduction – the introduction of a business essay mainly depends on the type of business on which you’re writing the essay. A lot of tips on how to write an essay introduction can be followed. Write down the current scenario of the subject you’re debating with. Note down the objectives of the essay, as it determines the range of the essay. Also write down what you understood and your own comments opinions on the subject.

•Background – Provide some ground theory on the general topic or on the organization to be discussed if you are working on a case study.

•Findings – with the sources you have collected, perform a detailed analysis. Make sure that you censoriously examine viewpoints from different authors to provide a rational debate and cover reasons for and against the presented argument. Compare similar and different approaches and present those in your own words. Remember to reference your citations throughout this section of the business essays according to the referencing method recommended in your company’s guidelines e.g. Harvard or footnotes. Use the necessary quotation marks to show an exact phrase taken from a source. If you’re rewording for a reference, supply the reference at the end of the reworded sentences. The number of references will depend on the size and the nature of the essay, although using ten references for every 1,000 words is an effective rule.

• Conclusion – You should arrive at the final essay conclusion by logical reasoning, briefly pulling together the discussions undertaken in the main body of the essay. Explicitly state your viewpoint as the final result, ensuring that you answer the question posed in the introduction as fully as possible. This final section should also be taken as an opportunity to express any recommendations for further investigation or future action.

•Bibliography/List of References – If you’ve used the Harvard method for referencing, exhibit a list of all the references used in your essay in alphabetical order. If you’ve used footnotes on each page, simply include a bibliography here instead.

Appendices – This section consists of references that cannot be included in an essay as it may spoil the flow of the essay. For example references like charts, graphs, statistical representations, etc.

Good business essays are the biggest tools for a business man. One can refer to a good essay sample for writing an effective essay. They influence the people who read it and they make sure that the message is conveyed effectively creating the desired impact.

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