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Three zones of cortex
Three zones of cortex
The cerebral cortex refers to the telencephalon, is the largest division of the brain. It is divided into two hemispheres - left and right, connected by a beam of white matter, forming the corpus callosum. The most important function is the activities coordination of the hemispheres.

Judging by cytoarchitectonic structure and function of cortical representatives they can be divided into three zones: primary, secondary and tertiary. In the process of development of the human embryo at a very early period, laid the primary zone, they have a simple cytoarchitectonic and the latest is the tertiary zone.

The structure of the primary zone on the highest level of development reaches a set of neurons adapted to the establishment of bilateral cortico-subcortical connections, the most direct and shortest path connecting the cortex with the relevant senses.

Secondary zones play a significant role in the implementation of the interconnection of individual stimuli, available through the primary zone, as well as in the functional integration of the nuclear fields of different analyzers in the process of integrating complex systems reception.

Tertiary zone can be regarded as a collection of "scattered" elements of the analyzers, those elements that are no longer able themselves to produce, no matter how much either complex analysis or synthesis of special stimuli. The controlling function of this part of the brain is not necessarily impossible to restore and it may be done through the course of psychological and memory-developing trainings.

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