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How to be a good teacher
How to be a good teacher
A charismatic personality, a kind and thoughtful attitude toward people, and the gift of expressiveness contribute to effective teaching. However, a teacher cannot perform his/her work effectively without good knowledge of the subject and methods of teaching. Instructions given by teachers should be based on the most effective strategies, methods, and techniques. Each subject is specific and it requires a teacher's deep knowledge and ability to communicate this information with the students (using a multi-sensory approach).

As an observer, a teacher must have faith in the science of the teaching profession. The most important concept of teaching is motivation. To be a good teacher one must be intensely conscious of the concept of motivation. One must always remember that students should be motivated to learn. First and foremost, the primary responsibility of a teacher is to arouse students' intention to learn. An elementary school teacher school should be able to re-create conditions that inspire students' questioning and motivation to learn through a variety of teaching modalities (e.g. direct instruction, small groups, one on one instruction, centers, partnership, book clubs, etc.).

It is also very important to get to know some things about your students outside the classroom. This will show the students that a teacher is interested in their personalities and personal lives as well. When students see that a teacher takes a genuine interest in them, their attitude to him/her can take a more genuine, caring tone. Children do not usually like to hurt people who care about them.

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