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Defending abortion
Defending abortion
This essay will dwell on a sore problem of abortion legalization. The defenders of the abortion right organized the 'March for women's life' in 1992. The opponents of abortions, the majority of American religious organizations, came to that meeting too. They carried placards with the human embryo. As the opponents of abortions declared, they had serious arguments which they wanted to produce to the defenders of the right of abortions.

According to American medical statistics in 2003 more than 1.31 million abortions were made in the country. Meantime, the amount of clinics for conducting of these operations gradually diminishes from fear of doctors to be attacked by the side of the opponents of abortions. Nevertheless the opportunity of having abortions depends on personal views, it must be legal because this choice belongs to everybody in spite of prejudices and public opinion.

First of all abortions very often happen to become a strong necessity of sick or unreliable people. Who can afford to have a lot of children? Either very well-of people (a minority, unfortunately) or socially-irresponsible individuals who don't care of the way of their life: drunkards, mentally sick people and other representatives of marginal layers of society. And what is waiting for children of such parents? Boarding school, children's homes with the jail conditions, children's prostitution, infant delinquency. Now it is clear what those children would become in future. But that isn't their fault, that is their misfortune. So isn't it better and more humanely to deprive such lustful inferior mothers of capacity for procreation?

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