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How silver is used in medicine
How silver is used in medicine
Historically silver has been used to cure people. In this article we will view how silver is used in medicine nowadays. Alginate is a naturally occurring biopolymer with silver derived from seaweed. It is used in a range of products designed to prevent infections in wounds and burns. Silver nitrate was used to treat wounds and eye infections.

Silver sulfadiazine cream is a standard for wound and burn care treatment. Several brands of silver coated fabrics were developed and used as a modern treatment option for minor and major wounds and burns. Amalgams' are widely used for dental fillings. Silver containing food decorations which are widely used in some Oriental countries are allowed as the external decoration only in the US and prohibited in Australia.

Due to its antibacterial effect, silver is used in hospitals in form of ointment, creams and solution to treat and prevent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, drug resistant Pseudomonas and other suborn in hospital infections. Colloidal Silver was used widely in hospitals and has been known as bactericide for at least 1200 years. Silver nitrate is used as antibacterial and for chemical cauterization of minor bleedings in that may occur with in medical procedures. Some medical equipment, instruments and barrier clothing are also made of silver containing materials to enhance their antimicrobial features.

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