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Dissertation Proposal Writing Requires Identifying an Issue
Dissertation Proposal Writing Requires Identifying an Issue
Dissertation proposal is the fundamental presentation that students require to submit for getting the approval from their advisers for preparing a research thesis on the chosen topic. However, students should remember that tutors and advisers look for the topics, which are unique in nature and have the potential for making additional contribution to their research area.

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Therefore, students should prepare their proposal after careful planning, while they need to do a little brain storming for finding a topic that can suit their purpose. However, the interaction with their advisers is essential as they seek their advice on the topic question and the problem statement that students would be proposing in their research proposal. In addition, the preparation of this proposal really takes longer time than anticipated by the students as they have to collect the relevant material for all the chapters, like the literature review or the research methodology. In any case, going through a dissertation writing would help students to understand the skills required to prepare an excellent presentation document.

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However, it is advisable that students write daily for an hour, to make the final proposal, while they prepare drafts and correct them almost on daily basis. In addition, the aim of the students should be to present a dissertation proposal, which would tempt the readers to request for complete dissertation presentation on the chosen topic.

While the following guidelines would certainly help the students in preparing their research proposal, successfully, they should also go through an assignment writing paper, to understand the essence of presenting a well-organized essay.

The introduction of the proposal should include, among other things, the summary of the problem statement and the larger issues that relate to it. In addition, the main research question should be briefly stated in the introduction of any dissertation proposal. The students should provide the background information of the research done on the topic, as well as the information about the potential of making any new additions to such research findings.

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However, the main aim of the introduction should be to create readers’ interest and specify the fundamentals of the problem that has necessitated the study on chosen topic area. In addition, students should clearly specify here, the research methodology being employed, while providing the reasons to select either a qualitative or quantitative research method.
Problem statement

The research proposal must state the problem, in clear terms, which students wish to tackle while preparing their dissertation. Therefore, the problem should be identified as an existing issue in the literature that needs further verification and analysis, while making additional contribution to its research area. In addition, the readers must be able to recognize the problem easily, as any statement requiring an extended definition may confuse the readers. Students can go through a coursework help to know in detail on the techniques required to identify the topic problems. In addition, the relevant statement must relate to the aim and purpose of the specific research study.

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