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Development of personality
Development of personality
It's common knowledge that a person is a social creature. The development of human character is conditioned by the society in which a person exists. I try not to forget the circumstances that formed my personality by turning to writing an essay about my life experience.

Vital principles, person's values are formed under influence of set of factors, in particular: religions, a level of society's cultural development, a level of the country's economic development. However, which influence will have modification of habitual conditions of existence on generated system of values, on an opportunity to come to a head of the internal conflict? Below is described the transformation of some vital positions, which were got in the Indian cultures, with the purpose of adaptation to requirements of the American society.

My home city is Varanasi, the capital of Shivaism in India. As on the Native land the religion defines outlook, cultural and public life of a society, so for comprehension of my vital values let to note, that I belong to Hindu religion which is characterized by specific dogma, original yoga practice, sacred books.

Under influence of the specified religion the basic positions of my life were generated, namely: performance of any work with love, without any idea of assistance, not expecting compensation; maintenance of mind in balance; moral and spiritual development; presence of duties in relation to parents, to other members of family; maintenance of spiritual life; to refuse to eat meat; freedom from desires; importance of fulfillment of religious practice, directed on comprehension of the God; presence the spirit of tolerance to other point of view following from a recognition of that the true is many-sided.

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