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New financial opportunities
New financial opportunities
Despite complicated economic situation people still find new opportunities for thei personal and financial development. Thus, a career of professional shopper gains popularity daily.

Maggie McQuown, works for VisibleEDGE Resources in Addison, Texas as a personal shopper. Her services range from simple advisory and consulting over shopping to assessing her clients' psychological profiles and even giving lessons in etiquette. She has a really professional, yet personal approach to shopping. She is usually starting her acquaintance with interviewing her client in order to find out his or her tastes, the goal of the shopping and even the event, which will be attended in case her clients are really targeted at something specific. However, that is still not the top.

The Association of Image Consultants International, a Westmont, Illinois is a company also dealing with personal shopping and advisory includes over 500 members. According to 1997 US Economic Census, there are approximately 2,670 firms, whose activity is stated as personal services and personal shopping is amongst them. Their sales reach as high as $1.2 billion and 25,526 people are involved in the field.

Even though personal shopping is considered to be a luxurious service for individuals, it may become a handful tool for other companies that hire personal shoppers as professionals, well-acquainted with the field they operate in. Then, these companies can ask for the cheapest products, especially this is appropriate nowadays, when economic recession forces these companies to go through various costs cutting programs.

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