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Major options of birth control
Major options of birth control
In this article we would like to illustrate the two major options remained to choose from in the issues of birth control. The first one, the promotion of family planning, appears to be quite effective in long term for developing countries (Eltigani). We do not involve the question of morality of contraception itself, as this would make the whole discussion useless.

The other option, the direct regulation of birth, requires further consideration. Regardless of its implementation, be it highly violent (as it is rather the case in China) or more balanced, this policy can have the unpredictable long-term consequences, such as a catastrophic gender imbalance in population structure, driven both by tradition and economic reasons (Festini, de Martino). Such experience, unfortunately, confirms Carnevale's pessimistic view regarding the possibility of determining the "best interests" for individuals or, one may argue, future generations.

The commonly discussed means of population control, such as abortion and economic incentives, cannot be considered moral, whether from life-oriented or socially oriented points of view. The allowance system, too, is in no way perfect, as the experience has proven the faults of "surrogate decision-making" in this case. This means that the family planning promotion, the least effective measure of all in the short term, remains the better choice from bioethical perspective. On the other hand, the scarce research of links between social development and bioethical issues shows that the discussion is far from complete.

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