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How Does Canadian Government Fight Tuberculosis
How Does Canadian Government Fight Tuberculosis
Canadian government is fully aware of the dangers brought by Tuberculosis as the approximate incidence of TB worldwide was 9.27 million in 2007, while it was only 6.6 million in 1990. The government aims to reduce the number of cases per year by three per cent.

Canada puts a lot of effort in TB protection and control among the native population groups as they are more likely to be infected with TB. The problem roots in the poor social-economics status of the First Nations people. It is known for a fact that such health problems as substance abuse, diabetes, and HIV can increase the risk of disease.

Natives tend to live in the overcrowded areas which increase the likehood of getting TB. Young people have a higher predisposition to TB as they are constantly moving from one place to another. The Canadian government objects to reduce the incidence of TB on reserves by 2015 so the number of First Nations individuals living with TB will be 3.6 per 100,000.

Despite of low rate of TB incidence and mortality from TB Canada is an active contributor as the country joined the Stop —TB movement in 2001, so the spread of diseases can be stopped through advocacy, education, coordination, and communication. Canadian government supports all of the major initiatives which are proposed by the Stop-TB partnership.

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