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Holidays Essay: Worldwide Overview
Holidays Essay: Worldwide Overview
Writing a holidays essay can turn to be rather exciting for you. While writing essay about holidays, you can feel the atmosphere of the past, becoming a participant of the events you are considering. You may close your eyes and have a travel to the countries of the world to find out more details about the celebration of the holidays they have.

Holiday essays may disclose the following issues:

* Introducing a holiday. This part of a holiday essay will talk about a certain holiday in general;
* Where it is celebrated. In this paragraph of holiday essays you will name the countries where the chosen holiday is celebrated;
* The prehistory of the holiday. This paragraph of your holiday essay will tell the history of how people started to celebrate a certain holiday;
* The way of celebration. Holiday essays may also consider how different nations from different countries celebrate this holiday. You may also present the difference in their way of celebration in your holidays essay.

So, let us think what holidays may be considered in holiday essays:

* Italy: Roma May Festival. This festival in Roma takes place annually on the 1st of May. The celebration lasts from 2 p.m. till 11 p.m. in San-Jovanni, where all rock-musicians and pop-stars sing their songs to the audience;
* Halloween. This holiday is celebrated on 31st of October at the nighttime. This day people disguise themselves in scary masquerade costumes symbolizing Sabbath of devilry;
* Easter. Easter is rather a religious holiday celebrated by the Christians. The date of Easter celebration differs due to the difference in calendars of some countries. This day the sacred fire is burnt in Palestine. Nobody knows where it emerges from and consider it to be the God’s blessing.

Of course, your holidays essay may be devoted to any other holidays. The most important thing is that it should be done in correspondence with all requirements of your tutor.

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