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Essay Titles Should Correspond to Essay Types
Essay Titles Should Correspond to Essay Types
Choosing essay titles is an integral part of the essay writing process, which students must complete as a pre-writing exercise. However, the titles should be such that they have close relation with the topic or the theme of the essay. In some cases, the title itself conveys the answer to the topic problem or question. Hence, students need doing a bit of brain storming to understand the purpose of writing a particular essay.

Therefore, it is essential for the students to learn about the meaning of different types of essays. For example, if students are writing a compare and contrast essay, then the title would be, like, ”comparing features of A with those of B”. Similarly, an essay titled as “causes of global warming” would belong to the cause and effect essay type.

While the thesis statement should be incorporated in the essay introduction, the essay titles should have a closer association with it and the answer to the problem it may have posed. For example, while students write an essay with the title as “marriage and divorce” then they could reframe the title, like “divorces wreck the marriage”, which would mean to highlight the particular opinion of the writer on such controversial issue. However, going through a good coursework help would guide students in detail about writing a topic specific essay.

In addition, the following guidelines could help students in framing titles for their essays in an effective manner, while conveying their aim of writing the particular paper. However, they could also go through an assignment writing, which would enlighten them about the techniques required for presenting a well-defined essay.
Titles that provide purpose of the essay

Title for such essays would include terms like “book review of the particular book” Similarly, the critical review essay on a certain piece of work would be like, ”Critique of …..”. Therefore, the title should be such that readers are able to know the writer’s intention, with regard to the purpose of the essay. Accordingly, a cause and effect essay would have a title that relates to the particular phenomenon, which students want to discuss in the main essay.
Use of specific key words in titles

In continuation with the above explanation for the formation of essay titles, it is necessary to point out that the key words, which describe the essay types, should have a definite place in the title itself. For example, the descriptive essay would have a title, which would use the word “describe” in it. Similarly, the analytical essay would have a word like “analyze” in its title. Accordingly, these key words would include terms like assess, compare, contrast and evaluate etc..

This is particularly important as one key word could tell the reader about the objective of writing the particular essay. However, to get more information on the classification of various essays into different types, students should go through a good dissertation writing.

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