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Vatika and Hajmola brands by Dabur
Vatika and Hajmola brands by Dabur
In this article we will analyse Vatika and Hajmola brands byDabur. Dabur engaged in selective price reduction and introduction of smaller packs. This decision to cut prices was made considering competitive landscape, product costing, brand strategy and intention to meet poor Indians needs.

Production under Vatika brand was planned to be extended to new categories like skin care and body wash. It promised a good perspective, since the market volume was estimated as Rs 450 billion. Besides, Vatika was Dabur's fastest-growing brand.

Hajmola brand was positioned as an "anytime, anywhere tasty fun-filled digestive". It grows rapidly, consumes large amount of investment but at the same time generates sales over Rs 1 billion and occupies 75% of market share. Thus, Dabur made the most expensive advertising campaign of Rs 80 million for Hajmola using the popularity of Indian movies and making numerous commercials.

Dabur brand has a potential to gain a higher position due to high market attractiveness and growth. An innovative approach to promotions should bring its fruits. Following its strategy to develop rural markets, Dabur sent three mobile bowling alleys to a cluster of 300 villages with the bowling pins representing the various germs that Dabur protect against. The company also conducted trainings and worked with the product development teams of many hotels and restaurants to help them create new recipes. Besides, much attention was payed to POS promotions, merchandising, better stocking practices, especially in low developed region in South India which I consider quite effective.

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