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Three maxims by Rene Descartes writing help
Three maxims by Rene Descartes writing help
It is fair to note that the entire wok of Rene Descartes is connected with the idea of human's perception of the material and immaterial things. The philosopher has adopted three maxims that must help him to work in the "real world" while using his method with its four percepts.

First of all, the first maxim that states on the importance of obedience the laws and customs of one's country and religion is contrary to the second percept of the method as it pointed out that the mathematical approach is still secondary as an individual cannot omit the traditions.

Second of all, the second maxim although requires from an individual to be as "firm and resolute" in one's decision as one could possibly be it also questions the first percept of the method as sometimes one's firm attitude or decision may cause prejudice as well as precipitancy.

The third maxim that encourages an individual to change oneself rather than trying to change the entire world is the most valuable and less contradicting moral of all adopted by Rene Descartes.

In order to draw a conclusion it's fair to admit that Rene Descartes' ideas and works has an influence on modern sciences and separate individuals. But it's also of great importance to note that these theories, methods, maxims and morals should be improved and organized properly in order to avoid the unpleasant contradictions.

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