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Hunter Thompson Essay: Discover the Curious Personality
Writing a Hunter Thompson essay is both an exciting and a challenging task. On the one hand, a Hunter Thompson essay allows for exploring the endless grounds of Thompson’s personality and works. On the other hand, a Hunter Thompson essay requires a deep understanding of philosophy underlying the journalist’s works. However, if you know exactly what you want to focus on in your Hunter Thompson essay, there is no need to worry. Therefore, read on and find out how to enjoy writing your Hunter Thompson essay!
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Essays on Crime and Punishment: American Students about Russia
Writing about literature is a captivating assignment for many American students, and writing about Russian literature is also a challenging task because this type of literature is unique due to its style, themes, concepts, and techniques. To learn more about Russian literature, you may write essays on Crime and Punishment and discuss the peculiarities of this great novel created in the middle of the 1900s.
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English Essay: How Can You Avoid Disappointing Mistakes?
When you write your English essay you must be very attentive: you should follow definite rules and your narration should be logic. Well, to write a good English essay you may need to know the common mistakes that students make. This will make your more concentrated.
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Literary Analysis Essays: Essential Guidelines for Novices
Writing literary analysis essays is the task which involves knowledge of the literature to be analyzed, skills in dealing with books, journals and articles, as well as expression of your own attitude to what is reviewed.

Before getting down to writing literary analysis essays, you should clearly formulate the idea which must be referred to during the whole process of writing literary analysis essays. The aim of literary analysis essays should state the description of what has already been done on the present topic at the moment of carrying out the analysis and writing literary analysis essays. It will help you define the place of your research in the knowledge system.
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A Guide on Writing Informative EssayInformative essays are meant to provide new information to readers. Writing informative essays is not about providing your view of the topic but to provide information to a person who does not have any knowledge on the topic. While writing informative essays you take the role of a teacher or an educator and assume that the reader of the essay does not have a basic knowledge of the topic.
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Essays on South Park: Ideas to Consider
In far 1997, the first series of South Park created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker were shown on Comedy Central. This show was started as a cartoon for adults describing the current events in the country and its culture in humorous way.

With the lapse of time, many students and even children have got to know such names as Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric. So, it is not surprising that essays on South Park were included into the school program and remain there until now.
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How to Write Toulmin Argument Essays
Stephen Edelston Toulmin was a British philosopher who offered a well-known theory of argument. Toulmin papers were found rather useful in the fields of Rhetoric, Philosophy and Ethics.

This philosopher presented a great way of analyzing a text. If you need more information about this model to prepare good Toulmin argument essays, continue reading!
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