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Writing an essay is an infusion of several elements. Aside from topic choice, content, grammar and sources, the manner by which an essay is presented is also vital. Hence, following a chronological essay format would help you relay your points, and would allow you to be easily understood by your readers. All types of essay comprises of three basic parts: introduction, body and conclusion. ProfEssays.com gives you the basics of essay-writing by giving you a run down of the basics of an essay format. The introduction contains the purpose of the essay. It should clearly state the paper’s thesis statement, and the manner by which the author would establish and prove the thesis. Meanwhile the body covers the main points that the author wants to discuss. It would be more persuasive if the writer opts to discuss at least three points that would support the thesis statement. In the conclusion, the author should re-state his thesis statement. Here, the author can summarize the points mentioned in the body so he may be able to prove his argument.

An essay is meant to influence your readers. Persuasion does not come easy for some custom essay writers as they fail to establish their thesis statements with facts. Among the three parts of the essay, the body takes the burden in providing support to the thesis statement. As such, this part proves to be the most critical one. ProfEssays.com further shares some of the tips on writing the essay body, which you may use to enhance your writing abilities:
Pick at least three relevant points to support your thesis. Defending your argument with a number of documented resources is more reliable than a paper with just one outside source.
Choose a valid point that will sustain your argument. This is imperative as it increases the author and the paper’s bearing and credibility. The author must steer clear of ideas that are redundant, as the readers will take notice of a discussion that just goes around in circles.
Present your points in a sequential manner. A hodge-podge of ideas thrown into a single paragraph will only ruin your essay. In fact, it is preferable to state each point in a separate paragraph. This will enhance your essay as it will give your readers a clear picture of what you want to convey.

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