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Environment Essay: Learn to Keep Our Environment Clean
Environment Essay: Learn to Keep Our Environment Clean
An Environment Essay helps us better understand biophysical environment as a combination of physical and biological natural elements
Generally speaking, our environment includes all elements that consist of earth’s biosphere. Working on an Environment Essay, one need to consider huge range of vital issues. To define the biophysical environment, it seems to incorporate two parties: the natural environment and the built environment. We do possess some knowledge about the natural environment and can know much more about it from a Nature Essay.

Built environment refers to the man-made surroundings that provide settings for human activities, ranging in scale from the personal shelter for neighborhoods to the large-scale civic surroundings. In actual fact, the author of an Environment Essay can give further details about the built environment and explain the overlap between natural and built environment.

To characterise a biophysical environment, this is the complex of biotic, climatic, and physical factors that acts upon a living being and determines its structure and survival, and morphs itself in the process. From the practical point of view, various ecosystems, where different organisms exist, collectively form the biosphere.

Admittedly, the most basic form of environment is the one which completely lacks the effects of human interference. The built environment, which does not have a great number of natural components, is now taking over the natural environment. Due to this cause of actions, the growth in built environment has now become a reason for such problems like pollution as well as Global Warming. You can know more about these factors in a Global Warming Essay. It is not a secret that a rise in industrialization has already started deteriorating the natural environment. Plant life, animal life as well as human life is affected by this. Being precisely, the harmful and careless human activities has led natural world into calamities. That is why it is essential for the writer of an Environment Essay to highlight all human activities that cause atmospheric pollution.

The thing is that we, humans, should understand that the biophysical environment is meant for all biological elements where all natural creatures coexist with each other. An Essay on environment should place a great emphasis on the relationship between living beings and non-living-natural objects.

Briefly, Environmental Science is a systematic and disciplined study of interaction of all humans with nature. Therefore, the researches based on environment should be made widespread for increasing greater awareness among the people. It is only due to the human activities that troublesome issues related to earth’s atmosphere are increasing day by day. The only means to slow down such human activities is to spread knowledge about the ways of minimizing the use of natural resources and growing more trees for purifying earth’s atmosphere.

In a nutshell, an Environment Essay should mainly be focused on the steps to be taken to reduce our dependence on oil. It should be mentioned that this dependence has reached a greater extent these days. We witness how people start wars today. What is more, there is the corruption and the terrorism (Also see Terrorism Essay) everywhere in the world. In reality, the sole reason for these events insists in the increasing demand for oil. Actually, there are many other issues which do deteriorate our environment. Dramatic increase of human population, uncontrolled use of electricity, deforestation and boosted use of petroleum are some other factors that add in ruining healthy atmosphere and spreading pollution, stress and diseases all across the universe.

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