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mCLASS:DIBELS Handheld Technology
mCLASS:DIBELS Handheld Technology
Nowadays technological advancement has become part and parcel of many spheres of life and educational system is not an exception. According to Pownell and Bailey, four waves can be pinpointed in the history of education technology: Introduction of mainframe computers in the 1960s; Gaining computer access with the help of personal computers in the 1970s; Spreading of Internet connection in the 1990s; Use of wireless technology, which is still evolving.

It is obvious that teachers are in need of improvement of literacy instruction and assessment. One of the technology-based solutions which gives an opportunity to get student-level data that would meet instructional goals is the handheld computer technology and mCLASS (for Mobile Classroom Assessment) platform introduced by Wireless Generation.

This software enables teachers to obtain immediate and comprehensible student-level data by means of using various options with easy-to-read graphics which are available on both handheld devices used directly in the classroom and desktop computers for further data processing. As a result of working partnership between Wireless Generation and authors of DIBELS a handheld computer version of this reliable and efficient assessment was designed. Equipped with innovative mCLASS software, mCLASS:DIBELS provides a complex solution which embraces ease-of-operation along with a variety of tools for data analysis and progress monitoring.

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