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Mark Twain Research Papers: The Realism of Society
Mark Twain Research Papers: The Realism of Society
Definitely, Mark Twain followed the personal principles and ideas, when he wrote his famous artworks. To our success, his authentic and sober views on life helped him to depict the real social life of his time. In addition, author used wit humor to “dissolve” the realism in his stories and to single out the negative aspects of social reality. Mark Twain’s works are mainly based on the cruel and inhuman relations between people, including gender and racial social conflicts. Besides, he objectively resisted against injustice in human community. In other words, we can define the main points of Twain’s ideology:

Racial conflicts in the United States of America;
Cruel attitude and treatment of Chinese people, who were brutally humiliated by the police;
Manifestation of Nazism, when white people behaved aggressively against other people of different colors and appearances.

For instance, if we take Twain’s outstanding work, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, we will know that it regarded as American classic work. However, this work raised a big controversy in American society. Critics were against regular usage of the word "nigger" in the story. Pundits considered this expression as an inappropriate term and insist on its replacement just to get it off the eyes of numerous pupils.

However, was also persistent person and did it all the same. He did it in order to show the real atmosphere in Southern America of those times. He supposed our life was always lacking of justice. That is why the numerous readers thought Mark Twain was complete pessimist, not the real humorist of America. “Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved”, wrote Mr. Twain.

It means that one could be happy to leave that brutal and disgusting world and sad for someone who was coming into it. This obscure side of the Twain influenced on the history and development of American literature. Evidently, his realistic style of writing made a great impact on numerous authors. If after the death of author there are some writers who take an in