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Biography Essay
Biographies come up as a topic for essay assignments in literature and most of the humanities subjects. The nature of the biography essay would depend on the subject for which it has been assigned. But there are certain basic features which are specific to essay written on real characters and their lives.

One thing that is absolutely specific to this type of essays is the fact that it is based on the life of people who exists or existed. Hence, there are a few things you must be careful about, while writing biography essays.
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GRE Essay
GRE or a Graduate Record Examination is conducted as an evaluation of the students’ eligibility to attend graduate school. As there would almost always be more applications to graduate schools than the available number of seats, only the most eligible ones would be able to manage access into institutions of their choice. As there is no specific syllabus that is followed for GRE essays, the only way to ensure good performance is to understand the procedure and prepare accordingly.
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Scholarship Essay Contest
Essay writing is a skill which can be mastered even if you were not lucky enough to have been born with it. All it takes is a bit of effort on your part towards developing good writing and presentation skills. Scholarship essay contests are commonly used for identifying students who are good with their studies. This is due to the fact that your intellectual level can easily be determined by the way you handle your contest essay.
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World Hunger Essay
World hunger is a favorite topic for essay assignments in many humanities subjects. It deals with one of the most difficult issues which have always haunted the world. It is a topic with a lot of scope for study. But it is not so easy to handle world hunger essays in an impressive manner as there are many aspects to be taken care of, while preparing an essay on this topic.
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Water Pollution Essay
Of the many issues the world is facing, water pollution is something that needs urgent attention. It has been found that various nations suffer due to the contamination of drinking water as well as the water used for other daily requirements. It is a very good topic for an essay assignment as there are many aspects of this issue which can be written on. You just need to figure out which particular aspect of the topic fits into your subject area and the guidelines of your water pollution essay assignment.
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Essay Competition
There are many students who take part in essay competitions regularly. But not all of them manage to prepare essays which are good enough to qualify for the competition. Many students are not even aware of how important the rules and conditions of a competition are. There are certain skills which you must possess for the purpose of taking part in an essay writing competition. By ignoring those aspects you will be wasting your time as well as the time of the judges.
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5 paragraph essay
There are different types of essays. A good understanding of the specific requirements of each type of essay will make it possible for you handle the assignments efficiently. Essay assignments are not so difficult because they don’t usually need much research on external sources. Essay projects are usually given out to assess the students’ understanding of the portions covered till then. Hence you will, in normal cases, be able to complete your essay assignment by studying your lessons well enough and learning to convey your knowledge through effective writing. 5 paragraph essays are a type of essay assignment which is very common in academia.
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Vacation Essay
Writing narrative essays is very interesting. And when you are writing a narrative essay of biographic or autobiographic nature it is even more interesting. That, exactly, is the appeal of vacation essays. It not only deals with one of the most exciting topics of all; it also gives you the chance of presenting it in the form of an academic assignment.
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Food Essay

There are various topics on which essays are written. One of the most common topics used for the purpose is that of food. Food is a multi-faceted topic. There are various aspects about food that are topics of study for various subjects. And for the same reason, you must be careful while handling food essays.

There are lots of issues that are specific to topics which are studied from the subject perspectives of multiple subjects. Those issues must be taken into consideration while preparing essays on food related topics.
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Narrative Essay Topics
In order to write on a Narrative Essay Topic, you must first strive to understand what a narrative essay is all about. A narrative piece of writing takes readers and transports them into the world created by the essay. It is a manner of writing whereby an experience is realistically recreated. This style of writing can be based on an actual experience faced by you, or it can be based on someone else’s experiences. Besides depicting a story, this kind of essay also conveys a central idea or valuable lesson.
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