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Choosing a Topic for an Action Research Paper
Choosing a Topic for an Action Research Paper
An action research paper is different from the other types of writing assignments. It works through the observation of a plan, in action, which was designed to solve the research problem. For the same reason, all topics cannot be researched on using action research techniques. You must know what type of topics can be chosen for action research to avoid confusion at a later stage.

One of the reasons why action research can’t be used everywhere is used to the fact that it can be done only by putting a plan into action. This plan would be one that you expect to work but which may not give the expected results. Not all institutions or groups would permit someone to just walk in and action a plan which involves them as well. Most institutions will not let outsiders interfere with their business even if it is someone who has the potential to solve their problem.

It is usually necessary for the person, who offers to solve the issue, to be a part of the institution as well as one with the authority to make changes, to get permission to implement an action plan there. Hence, only in an environment which can adapt to experimental changes and which is open to suggestions from external sources, can you perform an action research.

One field where action research can be conducted is in the educational area. In fact it is one of the methods which work best in educational research. The researcher can observe the level to which his action research plan is working and make amendments easily when it is in the educational area. So, you can always consider picking a topic from the educational sector for your action research paper.

Another aspect to consider while choosing an action research topic is the availability of volunteers who are familiar with the research problem. Without at least a few volunteering partners, it will not be possible to conduct an action research. The level to which the volunteers understand the research question also influences the outcome of action research. Considering these aspects, other than the educational field, one space where you can search for topics for your action research is your own family. If you observe you family closely, you will see that there are many issues which need to be addressed. And each family faces their own individual problems, which are different from that of others. So you can find topics from not just your family but also from the family of those who are willing to contribute to your action research paper project.

You can choose topics for action research from any place where a group of people are facing the same problem and where they are willing to participate in your research. Action research can stretch on for a very long time and you might spend most of it trying to figure out a good and innovative topic and people to volunteer for the research. If you find yourself left with too little time to write the research report or out of energy to prepare your action research paper, we are here to help. You can get an impressive custom research paper prepared by our most experienced academic writers.

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