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Main components of the Research Paper Structure
Main components of the Research Paper Structure
Research paper writing is a process which is best when learned from the basics. Nobody can learn to write a good research paper overnight. There are various aspects to learn and understand about a research paper before attempting to write one. One of the basic things to learn is the research paper structure and the contents which go into each part of the structure. The structure is what holds the research paper together and for the same reason you have to be very careful about what you put into each of the structural elements of a research paper assignment.

• The introduction: This paragraph is the first one and its objective is as the name indicates. This section introduces the audience to the topic and the perspective taken for the upcoming discussion. You will address the research problem also in this paragraph. The subject area should also be mentioned as the same topic is dealt with from different angles from the view point of different subjects. The last line of the introduction is supposed to be the thesis statement where you will state the theory you are going to present in the body paragraphs. The thesis is the focus of your research paper and hence, should be stated clearly. It is one of the most important parts of the research paper structure. The way you state it matters a lot as your audience will be looking at your research paper from the perspective of the thesis you state.

• The body paragraphs: The longest portion of the research paper would be occupied by the body paragraphs. You will be elaborating all the points mentioned in the introduction, in the body paragraphs. It is ideal to allot one paragraph to each point but when it comes to less important points you may include two or three in one paragraph. The main challenge with the body paragraphs is to organize the points in smooth way. The transition from one point to the other, in the body paragraphs, if not smooth enough, will distract the readers and make your research paper sound unfocused and confusing. Hence, it is always better to develop the body paragraphs from an outline instead of doing it directly from the roughly noted points.

• The conclusion: It is the final part of the research paper structure which is as important as the first one. It will wind up the discussion after giving a summary of the main points. In this paragraph you must reinstate the thesis you stated in the introduction. Even though ‘winding up’ sounds like an easy job, doing it effectively and impressively is not easy. You must summarize the main points in the research paper, put them together in such a way that it will collectively point to the fact that the thesis has been proved successfully.

The research paper structure is one of the most crucial elements of a research paper. The way you frame your research paper will give your teachers a very clear idea of your writing and presentation skills. If you are not confident about your skills in structuring a research paper, you may opt to get it done by our professional academic writers. They can prepare a custom research paper for you, as per your requirements and specifications.

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