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Framing the Research Paper Title Page
Framing the Research Paper Title Page
One of the main components of a research paper is the title page. This section is not one of the optional ones and is strictly included in all research documents. The title page of a research paper is to be framed as per the style used for documentation. And each style has its unique way of presenting the title page. You will be expected to know how to frame the research paper title page as per the style asked for by your instructor.

The title page is expected to give some formal information about the research paper and the author of the research paper, to the reader. The information included in the title page is somewhat the same for most of the documentation styles, but the layout is completely different for each style. Knowing the unique aspects of the title pages of each format is important.

• MLA style: The most peculiar feature of MLA style research paper title page is that it is not a separate one. It is a part of the first page of the research paper. On the top left hand side of the paper, you can give your name, the name of your instructor, the course you are attending and the date. On the top right hand corner, you must type your surname and page number. A few spaces below the date, centrally aligned would be the title of the research paper. Right below the title, leaving double-space, you can start typing your research paper. It is just as simple as this to frame the title page in an MLA style research paper.

• APA style: In an APA style title page, the most important feature is the running head. This appears at the top right hand corner followed by the page number. The running head is a part of the title, which can stand on its own. It should be the most prominent part of the title. Towards the middle of the page, aligned centrally, would be the complete title of the research paper, your name and the name of the course. A few spaces below you must type the name of your instructor and the date. An APA style research paper title page would be a separate sheet attached to the main document.

• Chicago style: On a Chicago style title page, the title would come first. This would appear towards the middle of the top half of your title page. It will be followed by your name, which will be placed at the centre of the title page. A few spaces below, you must give the name of the course, the name of your instructor and the date. All the information would be centrally aligned.

Each style has its own specifications regarding the formatting of the various components of a research paper. The research paper title page, being one of the most prominent parts of the document, is definitely unique to each style. Hence you must prepare it as per the instructions given in your assignment guidelines. If you wish to get your title page prepared by experts, you may try our experienced academic writers for the purpose. You can get your title page or the whole research paper prepared to your satisfaction by our writers.

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