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Preparing an Impressive Research Proposal
Preparing an Impressive Research Proposal
Research paper writing is a very long process which goes through various stages. Each of its stages and components are as important as any other which is what contributes to the fear it generates in students. Research proposal is one of the initial stages of a research procedure. In smaller levels of education, proposals are not asked to be submitted for all the assignments. But as you move higher up the educational level, you will find that almost all research papers come with a mandatory proposal. It is usually asked to be submitted long before your abstract is due. Knowing how to present a proposal is vital to the success of your research project. For the purpose, you must understand the objective of the proposal.

A research proposal is meant to convince the authorities or the research committee of the worth of the proposed research. Since research is a time consuming and expensive procedure, it is necessary to prove that the topic you have chosen is worthy of research, in order to get the approval of the committee. There are various aspects which contribute to an impressive and effective research paper proposal.

• An effective introduction to the topic and the subject is mandatory to a research paper proposal. Whether the topic is one that could be familiar to the committee or not, you are obliged to give a detailed introduction to the topic and the research problem.

• The scope of the subject and the specific research question are some of the main aspects which comes under scrutiny while the proposal is being assessed. The authorities will consider your project only if you manage to convince them of how beneficial your project is.

• Your projected knowledge of the subject area is also important. Even if your topic is interesting and the thesis impressive, if the committee is not sure of how capable you are of handling the project, they will not permit you to proceed with it.

• Your understanding of the research question also matters a lot because, without having a thorough knowledge of the problem, you cannot find a solution to it. Hence you must highlight your grasp of the problem in your research paper proposal.

• The methodology chosen must also be included in the proposal. You will also be expected to explain why the methodology you chose is most appropriate for the proposed research. The specific instruments and subjects you have lined up for the research must also be specified in the methodology section.

• The sources you are considering for the research also influences the approval of a research proposal. Credible sources will add to the credibility of your proposal and make it look more impressive.

• Last but least, flawless language and good presentation adds to the appeal of a research paper project. It adds to the positive impression created.

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