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Identifying the Components of a Research Paper
Identifying the Components of a Research Paper
While handling research paper assignments in the various levels of your studies, it is necessary to know what all the components of the given assignment are and how you can efficiently put them together. The guidelines of each assignment would be designed as per the specific objective of the assignment. Hence the components of a research paper would be as per the preferences of the instructor. All the same, understanding the terms for these components and the contents expected of it would help you in preparing each of them impressively.

The research proposal: The research proposal, even though not to be attached to the main document, is one of the components of a research paper project. Even though not all research papers ask for a proposal to be submitted, in higher levels of educations almost all of them require the approval of proposal to proceed with the research.

The abstract: The research paper abstract is also to be included only if asked for by your instructor. But when included, it would be a part of your main document. It would either be attached as the first page or it would come after the title page. This must be determined as per the guidelines instructions or if not mentioned, you may clarify this from your instructor.

The title page: One of the most important components of a research paper assignment, the title page is never omitted. It has to be formatted as per the style guidelines and with due respect to the instructions in the assignment guidelines.

Literature review: This is an optional component and is specifically asked for, when required. If you are in doubt whether it is needed or not, you must check with your instructor before including it. This section will discuss the existing information on the topic, whether supportive or opposing to your theory.

Introduction: The first part of the main research paper document, this is also one of the most important components of a research paper. In this section you will introduce the topic, give the necessary background information, discuss the methodology and state your theory.

Body paragraphs: The body is where the elaboration, the discussion and the justification take place. This is also the biggest section of your research paper assignment. It must be well organized and appropriately structured to make your research paper legible to the audience.

The conclusion: In this section, you will give the summary of the points presented and reinstate your thesis. The last line of this section would wind up the discussion with emphasis to the fact that the theory is successfully established.

The references: The section to cite the sources, called by different names by different documentation styles, is the final component of your research paper. This page must be prepared as per the instructions given in the style manual with necessary alterations as is asked for, by your teacher.

Research paper writing will feel like an impossible task if you are not familiar with the various components of a research paper. But once you learn the basics of what the components are and how to frame each of them, it would no longer be difficult. If you wish to get a custom research paper prepared by experienced academic writers, you will find our writers suitable for the purpose.

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