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Protectionism as an obstacle
Protectionism as an obstacle
On the eve of London's financial summit of the Group of 20 United States developed a national program to stimulate economic development, which contained an article implemented during the implementation of this program to buy only American-made products. This has caused a new wave of trade protectionism.

In anticipation of the financial summit of the Group of 20 "in Pittsburgh, United States again imposed sanctions against the tires made in China under the pretext of protecting American manufacturers of these products. At a crucial moment of the beginning of the world economy out of crisis, protectionism may become an obstacle to economic recovery.

However, protectionist measures are being taken by United States, which at are considered to be one of the main defenders of free trade. U.S. President Barack Obama has repeatedly stated that the country was opposing protectionism, but recently in the United States imposed sanctions against Chinese tires. Many American economists have harshly criticized such a move, arguing that protectionism does not protect the interests of the United States, but only infringes on the rights of American consumers.

Trade barriers and restrictive policies of different countries are not only impeding the development of trade, but also slow down the recovery of the world economy. Protectionism will only fuel more intense trade relations of all countries and may even lead to a trade war, bringing us back to the level of the 19th century.

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