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Cyber-Terrorism Essay Sample
Cyber-Terrorism Essay Sample
Evolution globally has become very rapid which in turn has also affected Negara Brunei Darussalam in general. This is due to not only the never ending enhancement of information technology (IT) and the dependence as well as reliance on technology. In light of this development, the world has become a more borderless entity and also a transparent one. With the emergence of the information superhighway communication and the sharing of information has become very fast which has befitted people around the world and has created a closer bond between them regardless of race, culture or religion. Bruneians cannot be disregarded in this as there is a shown impact of the usage of the information superhighway as a means to communicate given the fact that Bruneians constitute the highest rate of internet users in the region. Nevertheless, for each positive entity there is a side-effect as information technology can also be exploited which has given the rise to cyber-terrorism.

There any many versions to define the meaning of cyber-terrorism. It can be defined as an act of leveraging a target's computers and information particularly via the Internet in order to cause physical, real-world harm or severe disruption of infrastructure. Another definition is the premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers and/or networks, with the intention to cause harm or further social, ideological, religious, political or similar objectives. This misuse of information technology could also disrupt the flow of information and communications, especially for organisations in which are solely dependant on information and communication as a whole. Simply put, cyber-terrorism was said to be a convergence of cyberspace and how the use of the cyberspace be made as a tool or aid in terrorist activities.

The root of cyber-terrorism which is terrorism has also become more dynamic as technology has become more sophisticated, it is safe to say it grows in accordance with technology. A set example is the recent attacks in Mumbai as compared to the biggest terrorist attack of September 11th although in terms of casualties nothing measures up to the September 11th attacks but it can be seen that in a span of 7 years terror attacks have become more coordinated, widespread and unpredictable as technology becomes more enhanced. It could be expected, in the near future, the traditional terrorist threats or attacks would be overtaken by cyber-terrorism. It would be a better option as it can have a swift but disastrous effect. This option would also mean that actions taken by them would not amount to much bloodshed but has a very strong impact to the terrorists target. The internet is a very difficult medium to control as even a threat could look innocent, for example the rise of social websites such as FacebookTM or MyspaceTM, which has an increasing following cannot be controlled and when exploited it can be seen as a platform for recruitment by terrorist groups as well as an indoctrination of terror influence to the internet surfing generation. Since these sorts of websites are somehow protected by the users themselves, there would be no limit in expressing and influencing the world on their views or ideology. Another example would be the increase of electronic mail (E-Mail) subscribers, bulk or mass e-mails in the form of forwarded e-mails can be used to spread the terrorists cause world-wide. Not only that, e-mail is one of the major source of spreading computer viruses, bugs or other software that could harm a persons computer or an organisational network. As users of the internet increases and with limitless boundaries and minimal control, defence against cyber-terrorism would be an uphill struggle.