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6 May 2011
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In the current essay I would like to present an exploration of a word “Education”. Education – is a purposeful process of education and training to people, society, state, accompanied by a statement of national achievement (students) established by the state education levels (educational qualifications). The level of general and special education is caused by production requirements, the state of science, technology and culture, and social relations. The example of education is the process of learning, reading, writing and studying, as stated in Education and modernization: the Chinese experience.
The use of the word “Education” is used in schools, Universities, kindergartens, as well as in politics and in any place where people talk about the importance of education and studying.
In a broad sense, education - a process or product "... the formation of the mind, character or physical abilities, personality ... In the technical sense education – is the process by which a society through schools, colleges, universities and other institutions purposefully transmits its cultural heritage - the accumulated knowledge values and skills - from one generation to another [between generations]", as described in Schooling and social capital in diverse cultures.
All in all, education is important in the modern society and it is valued by the institutions that promote learning in different areas. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without education. Motivation in education is considered extremely important, because it determines the successful process of learning. Education - this is what will be left when you forget all that you have ever learnt.

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