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Experimental design
Experimental design
Experimental design does not imply collecting of observational data, but imposing treatment on a targeted group of objects or subjects, changing the existing conditions, and is generally referred to as the research design of an utmost importance. The experimental design is considered the one, which produces the most accurate results.

Speaking of accuracy, the accuracy of data received by naturalistic observations substantially depends on the accuracy of the observer, so it cannot be determined in advance, and there is always a chance of mistakes caused by subjectivity. Therefore, the most accurate and reliable is the experimental design.

The least expensive research design is, by far, naturalistic observation. The experimental design is the most expensive, and takes a lot of time to implement, but it is also the most accurate one.

So, each design has its weaknesses and its strengths, and each design is used in certain cases, where the proportion of its efficiency and costs is the most acceptable. Naturalistic observation is used in anthropology, behavioral biology and ecology. Surveying is used in market research and examining trends and opinions. Case study design is mostly used in examining one specific group of objects or subjects, and also in education. Experimental design is used in all the fields of study. It is essential for the success of the conducted research to choose the appropriate research designs according to the specific subject of it.

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