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Goals Essay
Goals Essay
The more I grow and learn the more I discover about myself and who I am as an individual. When I used the Discover Wheel to evaluate myself and my study habit it gave me the opportunity, to look at the way I encounter my tasks more closely. The S.M.A.R.T goals and the Discovery Wheel were both very useful tools to look and understand what I want from myself. The wheel helped me to accurately picture my ability as a student and break down each of my skills so that they could be individually examined. My wheel turned out to be not as evens as I thought it would have been. I have some parts that low and some others that I do very well in but it was not very rounded.

The Discover Wheel it showed me as be being very diverse able and willing to adapt to the situations at hand. It also viewed me as being able to commentate well. I know that being able to talk with other when working makes things go along smoothly. Communicating with those who have different views then I do can help you see things at different angels and understand more.

I believe that I would be able to lead group projects effectively, and obtain the results needed. When it reviewed my purpose portion of the wheel it shows that I know what I want, my place and, what my personal purpose is. I think that knowing your purpose for yourself and knowing what you want helps you put your goals in order.In the wheel it showed that I was not the best at planning and I understand that.When I plan my plans are not very detailed but somewhat board and just have a basic idea that I follow. If I had a more detailed plan it would help me achieve my goals and be more productive.

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