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Indian Health Care System
Indian Health Care System
In this article I will try to explain why Indian Health Care is facing serious difficulties and how it can be improved. Sufficient Health care can't exist without informational, educational and communicational initiatives as they are widely used to inform the public about health related issues, giving relevant information and advice may prevent such diseases as TB, Malaria, Leprosy, and Cataract Blindness. IEC strategies must be used to form a pro-healthy life style. Public health programs, particularly, need high visibility at the decentralized level in order to have an impact, yet about 35 percent of the country's population is illiterate and it serves as a considerable obstacle to all health care media campaigns.

All the government initiatives must aim for equal distribution among the population. Women and children ought to receive more attention as they are often discriminated and do not get needed treatment of a high quality due to some cultural aspects presented in society.

Government programs in India have a wide range of objectives and the demographic incentive is a rather crucial one for the country's well-being. There has been a scientifically proofed relation between the growth of population and the health care standards which are implied in the country. In other words, it is hard to improve health standards when the population is constantly growing so there is an extreme need in additional financial support.

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