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WritingWOW! Topic is interesting and huge! I have thousands of thoughts hearing this word and it is so difficult to express my opinion and attitude to the writing and writers. Since people invented letters, or even better to say symbols, which later became usual for us letters, they did not stop writing and expressing they seen, heard, thought in a written form to share their inside world with others.
Writing in all its types and forms take a huge place in everyday life. We cannot live at least a day not writing something.
And for every age writing have special sense and meaning. In school time, writing helps us to express correctly our thoughts, to build logically our sentences, to practice grammar and fantasy. As the result in young ages we have educated people with ability to talk correctly and they have good chances on successful career. In college writing helps to show your character, your talent and creativity.
Students often have works connected with writing, like essays, term papers, compositions, course works, etc. And they can show what they have learnt in school. College essays are more difficult but give more space for fantasy in topic, type of essay, format and way of presentation.
In the adult life all your skill as in writing as in speaking and correct accent will bring you additional help in work and going up to the top of career.
In working life writing becomes a tool of earning money. More skillful in writing you are, the better you can talk, the more attention and trust you can win and it is a very important feature in the business.
If you do not have appropriate skills in this area you can study without anyone’s help. To advance your writing skills you should read more, try to write reviews for what you have read, discuss with your friends or relatives latest news or comment films you have watched recently.
It will spread your vocabulary and make your speech more fluently and correct.
If you have free time you can visit orator courses and train in learning and declamation of poems and texts.
It is a great science, interesting, but not easy at all. But if you have wish and decided to reach success, you are on a half of the way to the win.
You will feel that your culture of speaking changes in a better way and it will be easier for you to communicate with people and they will be interesting to talk with you.