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Fighting TB in Canada
Fighting TB in Canada
Total government expenditures for TB in Canada in 2004 were $47,290 per active case of TB. The Public Health Agency of Canada concluded in its annual cost report came to the conclusion that "actual expenditures that could be directly attributed to care of patients with active TB totaled $31million, or $19,906 per active TB case. Similarly treatment of LTB (latent TB) costs $10.1 million in total, or $845 per patient started on therapy for LTB Contact investigations accounted for $8.3 million in expenditures, or an average of $300 per contact screened.

If a health facility fails to provide health care services without extra-billing it will be penalized severely. As the Canada Health Transfer department (CHT) implied mandatory dollar-to-dollar deduction from the federal transfer payment. The additional services are often targeted to specific population groups like children or elderly and the may be partially or fully covered by provincial or territory insurance plans. That way extra-charging can be eliminated and so health care is going to be distributed equally.

Directly observed therapy, or simply DOT, is the major tool in the Stop — TB strategy which has been already adapted in more than 180 countries, including Canada. DOT can be carried out impatient and outpatient surroundings. The World Bank considers DOT to be one of the most cost-effective of all the health interventions. Moreover, DOT is more effective than self-administered.DOT effectiveness ranges from 78.6 percent to 91.0 percent.

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