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Improving learning experience
Improving learning experience
I used to have only very limited experiments with attempt innovative ways of doing my work. In general, I simply kept to classical working and learning methods, with the difference that I focused on them more than the average individual, and sacrificed a greater deal of time to these occupations than most of my colleagues.

With the newly gained knowledge about my learning style, I understood that the main problem lied not in the fact that I was unable to perform at a level that would satisfy me and accomplish the tasks that were expected of me. On the contrary, I understood that one of the most, perhaps even the most, serious problems I had was the fact that I was not using the most efficient techniques and methods given my particular predispositions. Thus, it became evident that the key to me achieving the goals I set myself effectively was finding the most appropriate techniques to do so.

Thus, I undertook the search of the most effective ways of improving my working and learning efficiency. To this purpose I researched the best methods of functioning for visual learners. I found that one of my mistakes was to focus on the ability to present things with graphs and diagrams, which was already easy for me, and to force myself to memorize texts by reciting, which mainly depended on verbal memory.

Instead, I found that one of the best solutions for my specific attitudes would be to focus on note taking and rewriting texts, to take advantage of my visual memory and thus to store data in that section of my mind. If you are concerned with this topic our professional paper writers will prepare custom essays for you. When employing our paper writing services you buy a brilliant essay, term paper or thesis ensuring your fascinating academic achievements with no effort.