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Write my Thomas Morton paper
There were many dissidents, who absolutely disagreed with the Puritans and their teaching. To such people can be referred Thomas Morton. He was an outstanding figure in the history of colonial America. His literature heritage may be not so big, but he made great contribution to it.

In 1637 Morton published his book "New English Canaan", which serves as an example of public literature in New England.In "New English Canaan" Morton described Native American culture and their course of life. At first it was considered to be historical document, but later some scholars have found many inaccuracies in different aspects.

"New English Canaan" is divided into three books. In the first book Thomas Morton describes the flow of life in New England. He writes about Indians, including their language, beliefs and way of life. Being sure that they were full of goodness, Morton's descriptions are full of warmth and sympathy. He admires their hospitality, the simplicity of their life and closeness with nature. Morton compares Indians with English people and opposes to the Puritans. He is overwhelmed with sympathy to New England. The second book gives a detailed account of New England's natural resources. Unlike Bradford, Morton describes New England with great passion and tenderness. Being absolutely admired by its nature, fresh air and fertile soil, he compared New England with paradise on earth. The third book differs from the previous by satirical mood. Moreover, it does not have one style of narration and it changes throughout text, which doesn't allow readers to percept it as a whole unit.

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